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Deep Peace

For those seeking to escape from the outer world and connect with the Deep Peace that lies within, join me in this short 18 minute guided meditation and enjoy the absolute peace and tranquility of your essential nature.

Deep Peace Guided MeditationRobert Goodwin
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Original recording by Robert Goodwin with acknowledgement to Ludvig Cimbrelius, composer of 'Haven'

For many of us, happiness is a fleeting experience – something that comes and goes and seems to be largely dependent upon our perception of and reaction to our personal circumstances. Occasionally though, we may encounter a person, an event, an object, or a shift in our personal situation that positively impacts our mood and lifts our spirits. Naturally, we attribute this change directly to what has ‘happened’ to us and seek to find ways to retain it, sometimes going to extraordinary lengths in the process. Seldom do we pause to consider the possibility that there might be other alternatives available.

The outside world, or what we experience as an apparently objective reality, has never, is never and could never be the source of our happiness – although in a strangely compelling way, it may appear to be so. The reasons for this are complex but essentially due to the way in which our mind is conditioned to think, react, and behave. The appearance of the objective world is viewed by consciousness through the lens of the mind which filters information through the brain. It is estimated that the unconscious processing abilities of the brain allow up to 11 million pieces of information per second, whilst the conscious mind filters and retains only around 40 pieces per second and through experience, we each develop an intricate network of personal preferences - likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, things towards which we are attracted and others by which we are repulsed, each with their attendant thoughts and emotions that trigger our resultant behaviour.


Yet beneath this swirling ocean of energy and information lies an emptiness in which all thought, emotion, mind, consciousness, and all that is, arises. Within this spaciousness exists pure beingness. In fact, it IS pure beingness – there is no other. To say that we are this, is for most, beyond the realm of understanding, for the mind seeks ever to objectify the subjective, see the unseeable, measure the unmeasurable and know the unknowable. How is it possible for emptiness to contain the totality? To comprehend this is beyond the capability of mind, so we draw upon analogies and metaphor in order to make comparisons that will satisfy, at least in part, this human search.


Consider the space in which you exist. Observe the room, the building, the town or city, the country, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and what may lie beyond. There are no boundaries except those that we imagine within the mind.

This brief meditation will take you beyond your mind, into the spaciousness of pure consciousness - enjoy the Deep Peace of your true essential nature.

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