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The monthly Rob Goodwin Podcast will appear here regularly, featuring recordings from White Feather plus interviews, opinions and discussions on the latest cutting edge discoveries in the metaphysical arena as well as updates on current world events. You can also listen to the podcast via Buzzsprout , Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, via Amazon 'Alexa' (just say 'Alexa, play the Rob Goodwin Podcast) or your own podcast provider - enjoy!

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Current Episode 31 - 14th August 2022

Here in conversation with Emma Mather, Robert Goodwin discusses her mediumship and in particular her wonderful spirit art.
Emma is a natural born medium and an empath, who over the years has had many varied experiences with spirit. She works Clairvoyantly, Clairaudiently and Clairsentiently, which means that she is able to see, hear, sense and feel spirit, including seeing and hearing externally. Emma is also able to see auras and can also feel the emotions and conditions of both those on the Earth plane and those in spirit, who may have had an illness or physical condition before their passing.

Emma has always had spiritual experiences from childhood and says. "I have seen spirit in different ways such as silhouettes, a bright light in the shape of a person, orbs or that which appear to be like tiny shooting stars. When I was 2 years old, I saw a man sitting on the couch, I was eating a lollipop at the time, I pointed my lollipop to the gentleman on the couch asking him if he wanted some, he did not speak but only turned his head side-to-side as if to say "No" to me. My mum came in the room at this point and asked me who I was talking to, I could only lip read her at the time because I was born partially deaf, I did not wear hearing aids until a little later on. As I grew older many would not always realize about my deafness due to the fact that I do not have any speech impediment."

When Emma does her spirit art, she often sees an invisible guideline on the blank canvas which helps her to draw over these guided lines of the etheric (spirit) and produce the portrait. She went public with her mediumship and spirit art in 2012, serving various churches within the UK. She has also done paintings and spiritual paintings over the years and also began making jewellery in 2014, followed by her crystal creations in 2019 and candles in 2020.

Previous Episode 30 - 24th July 2022

In this episode Rob speaks with Shamanic Practitioner, healer and spiritual thinker Elwyn Jones.  Elwyn discovered the art of Spiritual Healing when he first met his wife Caroline in the summer of 2004. This turned out be a life-changing experience, as he spent the next 16 years practicing and promoting this healing modality within the 'Modern Spiritualists' movement. This involved many years of attending and organising weekly healing services in the spiritualist churches of his local area as well as organising training sessions for trainee healers, both  in the UK and also online. For many years Elwyn practised spiritual healing in accordance with the religion and religious philosophy of the 'Modern Spiritualists' movement but in more recent years yearned to follow his own spiritual pathway and has now progressed beyond the restraints of any particular spiritual organisation. He now enjoys a freelance position that allows him to pursue his spiritual pathway exactly how he chooses to. This change in direction has allowed Elwyn to discover the wonderful world of Shamanism and he has now positively experienced what this ancient healing modality has to offer, both for himself and for others. He firmly believes that all spiritual healing originates from 'Source Energy', regardless of what particular discipline is being practiced and also believes that a spiritual lightworke should be humble when forming a two-way working relationship with the Spirit World, emphasising that one's ego should play no part in the equation. Bearing this in mind, he does not view myself as anything special, stating humbly that, "I am simply a very small cog in a great cosmic machine called the universal 'Web of Life'. "

Elwyn Jones website

Previous Episode 29 - 24th June 2022

On June 7th 2022 White Feather spoke through his medium of over fifty-years, Robert Goodwin to an online group comprising participants from across the world. The group was relatively small in number, but the guide's message was huge; wake up NOW to what is unfolding by the day or suffer the consequences.

The sage is known for his wise counsel and for always answering any question asked of him without hesitation and he did not disappoint, responding in direct fashion to some very direct questioning, particularly towards the latter stages of the session. For anyone who has so far failed to recognise the Orwellian global agenda, otherwise known as 'Agenda 30' and 'The Great Reset'  - which in effect is a power grab of enormous proportions by the 'elite' power-brokers and mega-rich to the detriment of all life on our planet - this is your wake-up call.

Ignore the words of the wise at your peril.